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Your time and skills are valuable. So why are you scouring the internet every day looking for the next opportunity? There’s an easier way to find that perfect opportunity. Adena Data is here to help you find your perfect fit.

The AD Jobs Webpage Portal and the Adena Data Apple iOS & Android Google Play App were designed to help qualified professionals just like you find a great career at a great workplace.

Our focus is Higher Education, where you can help students and colleges achieve success.

All posted openings are from Higher Education institutions or organizations, programs or initiatives that are trending toward the future. The focus? Helping these colleges and universities reach their goals and helping their students find success academically. If this is your focus then you are in the right place.

Job Opportunities in Higher Education Settings

The positions that we curate focus on careers in Higher Education Institutions. Where do we find these jobs?

We curate and we publish job ads directly. We pool job openings from higher education for our app and job board. All jobs originate from various universities, education job boards, and other higher education websites. You can click a link to go to the original job ads and apply according to their guidelines.

Publish Your Job Opportunities to a Highly Qualified Community

If you want to reach highly-qualified, passionate job applicants interested in making a difference in education, we encourage you to publish publish your “Help Wanted” ad to our community.

All jobs are posted both on the AD Jobs portal and our Apple iOS and Google Play mobile applications. When the position is filled (or needs to be changed) just send our support team an email at support@adenadata.com -- we will take care of it right away.

AD Jobs Application Services

Adena Data provides targeted Higher Education Job Recruitment! We are building a list of higher education opportunities nationally for you to take advantage of. We also provide Job Application Services where we can apply to Higher Education Jobs for You! Gone are the days where you have to build new profiles every time you want to apply to a new college. Fill out ONE AD Job app and we will send you jobs that you are interested in at the colleges you are interested in, you select the jobs you like, and then we apply for you! We then use your AD Jobs app to fill out the profiles and apply for you Easily and Confidentially. Plans start at $19.99!

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